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C Sharp

D single  -  Moot Music

One of the duo’s sparking their rep per YouTube, Rendezvous members Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg met on their first day at music college. Whilst a rendezvous is hardly a chance meeting, it is the name they have adopted for joint work.  Producer Dave Bascombe whose track record covers Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears, Kylie and others should know a radio-friendly tune by now and is charged with capturing Rendezvous’ sound. Electro pop can ache with conformity and generic formula ingredients, so Rendezvous have their work cut out to sound original.   This offering was cut with analog and vintage equipment in  a bid to imbue the song with some warmth in what is a sea of brittle and vulgar dance productions. That mix man Carl Cox was interested enough in this act to work on two remixes of ‘C Sharp’ will mean much to conneisseurs of this strand of dance music.

‘C Sharp’ soon moves from a tinkling pattern into a jaunty tread over which a vintage

synth weaves a melody. It’s as though Mr Jarre has dropped in on the Yellow Magic Orchestra to concoct an early Eighties scifi film opening credits track..perfect driving music but not earth-shatteringly memorable. At the same, not dull and not too robotic and a nicely engineered short delay on the lead keys. The second track gives us the longer album version @ 6:22  and a neat tense buildup with motorik bassline building up through a light flange and puddingly drums evoking German disco genius Harry Thumann ;  what Carl Cox does is add the housey thump beat and hold back the synth melody in favour of a machine-like pulse in the bass register that makes this reviewer think of ‘ Metropolis’ the classic Lang cinematic masterpiece.

The duo are apparently working on a full album to be called ‘Another Round Please’. This cut has limited appeal to a song-based guy like me, but it’s manifestly superior fare in Rendezvous’ area of operation

Pete Sargeant

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