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Andy Lewis

41 mini LP
Acid Jazz
Stepping aside for a moment from his dayjob as Paul Weller’s bassist, Andy Lewis an alumnus of the Camden end of the BritPop scene and former Blur DJ has come up with this set of own works. Time spent with Pimlico and then Spearmint has given Lewis a lot of experience of thumping the thick strings and there’s a lot of ‘Town Like Malice’ spring in his step. American bassists never play this way ! On these seven cuts, he’s playing other instruments in addition to bass and singing lead.
Lead track ‘41′ is a brisk keyboard-led eerie overture that could open a ‘Prisoner’ type TV mystery series plunging into an 80’s synth theme  ; then ‘Complexity’ with its ‘Malice’ pace is quintessential pop/punk with colourful keyboard tones and a lyric Suggs could sing ( bet it was written with him in mind!)…
‘Sky Bar’ has a tinny sound and fast beat with a four-chord progression and reverbed inserts, distinctive but somehow not comfortable listening, seem to thump your ribcage. ‘Yarbles’ is catchy as flu, over a twelve-bar with fluid bass and melodica, maybe you’d hear this in a space station cafeteria.  ’Centre of Attention’ is the best song here, a sinister story that sounds like Duran gone furtive, the melody being pure LeBon. Whatever, it really works, well done Mr Lewis…’Mr Camera’ is too close to Madness richtus grin for me, never was a TwoTone fan. End item ‘Last Song Of The Year’ is a touching light stomp and so very English.
Nice set of songs and not too gorblimey Cockney, either
Pete Sargeant
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