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The Brights

A Cameo Can’t Last Forever
Unashamed pop/rock band with a single said to typify their approach and sound. Their debut single last year ‘Footsteps’ picked up some attention from the likes of BBC London and XFM. Their influences are the old Postcard acts and (deep breath) The Style Council, who are regarded by some as Weller’s greatest folly and by others as his Golden Age. The group are hard at work on their album ‘A Trivial Pursuit’, working with Fraser Smith who of course assisted Shed 7 and Ian Brown and has an understanding of radio, at least the indie end of same….
The voice of singer David Burgess on the jolly stomp of the single will be an acquired taste – it’s high register but ( it must be said ) tuneful and sounds fine on the bridge as the guitars plink away in Undertones mode.  This song really does grow on you, be warned ! Hoosiers watch out !
Previewing some other cuts to be on a forthcoming album, ‘London Belongs To Me’ has cheeky Beatles steals ( yes, matey, we feel fine..) but Burgess’ enthusiasm carries everything along on a high and the rhythm section are are on top everything. It has a real tab-collar / Carnaby Street attack and feel ; while ‘Pride Step Aside’ has the ringing guitar at a mid-tempo and semi-martial drumming dropping into pastoral passages and another killer chorus.
A curious mixture of youthful exuberance and sophisticated chord sequences and not sounding like any act I’ve heard lately, respect for that alone
Pete Sargeant
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