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Russian Doll
Elvet Bridge Recordings
A new single from a Durham four-piece and mixed by Chris Sheldon who has mixed works by Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Therapy? and Feeder, among others. The release is pwer their own label.  Seems they have a regional following built up from live shows, altready we approve ! Formed by one Dave Lord back in early 2007, Ambershift the name alludes to early drinking sessions, the group caught the attention of Dylan White who was enthused enough to take an interest….an ensuing lineup change means that Lord and drummer Phil Hodgson were joined by keys man Andy Green and guitarist Ben Clement.
The ensemble go for an edgy sound, which inevitably alienates some listeners. I think it’s really great though, the drums and bass seem Who-influenced, the guitar chugs along like Sector 27 (that’s high praise from this writer) and !! the singer isn’t annoying !  So many of the ‘new’ rock bands play well but have lousy vocalists. This chap (Lord) doesn’t yell and the arrangement on ‘Russian Doll’ has a mean edge and insistent guitar snarl riff. ‘As We Fall’ has a doomy feel and a sprightly guitar motif, might be better if the snare alternated ones and twos but that’s a minor grouch. You can bet this sounds good live. All they have to do is avoid drifting towards U2 on the guitar runs, drive round playing Fu Manchu for a while lads, that will do it…
Wish there were more bands this confident – any chance of an album ?
Pete Sargeant
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