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Tiffany Page

Walk Away Slow

CD single Mercury Records
Intrigued by the video of Ms Page performing her co-write of the lead song on this three-tracker, we were pleased to find her opening for The Noisettes at London’s Roundhouse venue. Her punchy four-piece slammed this number out among other own material and left us impressed. Still in her early twenties, Tiffany has a crisp chordal guitar style and what might once have been called ‘a sassy voice’. At the show her energy-fuelled guitarist though clearly talented and confident seemed to play too often exactly what Page played but in double-time and needs to be locked in a room with some Cheap Trick albums to get the hang of making two-guitar arrangements work with counterpoints and single-note lines but this didn’t take the shine off the performance of the songs. Page is a rocker as a singer, somewhere between Joan Jett and Joan Osbourne though she may have heard of neither. The sharper the drumming the better these sort of songs sound and her rhythm section at the gig were on the money.

‘Walk Away Slow’ as a song is a close cousin of Lou Reed’s ‘Vicious’, with its steady 1-1V tread and bursting chorus, extremely catchy and probably radio-friendly. But her other numbers at the show sounded just as good, notably ‘Heaven Ain’t Easy’ and ‘Somebody I Used To Know’. On this disc, Page has a co-write with Ted Bruner called ‘Something About Him’ taken at a stately pace again with an expansive chorus and a kind of Tubes-flavoured guitar take on Spector for an arrangement that works a treat  ; plus of all things an atmospheric acoustic version of Muse being the flamboyant ProgRockers’ ‘Supermassive Black Hole’. Fine vocal and plenty of drive so a very listenable attempt.

Can’t see this lass dancing in a monochrome video with a lookalike either side or for that money in an autopsy room with a telephone on her head – but I can see her easily tapping into the market for rockier female singer-songwriters as the sonic progeny of Sheryl Crow or a subtler Chrissie Hynde. The quality is already there. I hope she’s recorded ‘He’s Buggin’ Me’, her Roundhouse opener as it sounded like a future single to me

Pete Sargeant

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