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Black Soul Strangers

The Haunting

CD single
With a brand new album soon to be released on Squeek Records, Black Soul Strangers don’t seem to fit with any current trend or movement. This will surely damn or define them and whether this single release is typical remains to be seen. Tom McFall has captured a group sounding simultaneously confident and kind of…lost. The latter is down to the vocal which slides from plaintive to pleading against a solemn drum-led backdrop and tempered guitars in no hurry to chug in a stadium direction. By the time the chorus starts, a strange of echo of 60s psych pop legends the Zombies is evident. No bad thing !

Growing up in a less-favoured part of west Dublin, Black Soul Strangers already have a haunting ensemble sound and approach to arrangement that does make the listener want more. All they have to do is avoid taking these sonic ingredients down the old U2/Simple Minds chest-beating route that hoovers up the sort of followers who just like bellowing choruses and gobbling up platitudes.  Frontman Barry Gorey’s voice combines delicacy with an undoubted strength, just as well the mastering is by John Davis who will avoid the man sounding like Jon Anderson on FM or DAB broadcasts.

Your scribe has no idea what this crew sound like in a live setting though word is they like performing live. If the driven desolation of the mighty Talk Talk ever found its way into your tastes then maybe on this showing you should give these chaps a listen

Pete Sargeant

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