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Danielle Spencer

Wish I’d Been There

Danielle Spencer Music

‘Wish I’d Been There’…a few years back megalout and Oasis bawler Liam Gallagher was drunk at a German hotel after a show and starting lipping some local citizens who initially opted to ignore Gallagher’s preening shouting and provocation. Offended citizens turned out to be key underworld figures who then removed some of the Manc oaf’s teeth to attain peace and quiet and resume their conversation. Wish…

Danielle Spencer is an Australian songstress who sings and plays her own compositions and has the ear and production services of the mighty Tony Visconti whose collaborations with Bowie will endure forever. So what is he hearing in this performer’s work ? Has to be worth a listen.

Recorded in Studio 301 in Sydney, the studio version sits alongside the original bedroom demo on this two-tracker. Spencer has a breathy floating voice so the twinkling piano is a good choice of track-centre. I am more used to hearing this kind of vocal timbre on folk /Americana recordings but for a pop/love song it sounds just fine. The strings sound airy but still the voice hovers above it all like a cloud, a slight waver in the delivery giving a hint of country, especially on the layering. The melody isn’t obvious or anthemic, so maybe it’s a Radio 2 audience that Danielle Spencer seeks. And if they’ll play Tori Amos…

Pete Sargeant

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