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The Words


HLA Music

Manchester group of three year’s standing put out a two-tracker, not on a gay or tobacco theme but noting the key chords of the song. As a player who once based a title and chorus of a song on the chord sequence CAGED, just out of curiosity, I can empathise…

‘F A G’ is guitar-driven and purposeful, leaping into a full-blooded band clout with melody woven into the sound. Two things occur – these guys just have to be good live act, they sound so cohesive and the guitar runs thread into everything with splendid dynamics and this the longlost grandson of the late Alex Harvey on vocals ? Seriously, the singer’s phrasing and delivery is pure SAHB !

‘I Just Wanna Dance’ the single’s coupling is further fuel to the Harvey influence. But I bet this chap (Ste Draper) has never heard of him !

Although their release notes mention Kings of Leon and Arctic Monkeys, this band sound nothing like the Springsteen-Lite hillbillies or Northern amateurs..thank goodness.

Featuring four in the lineup a la Who/Van Halen with vocal, guitar, bass and drums, The Words deserve a listen and I’ll try to get over the Alex Harvey thing, great performer that he was..

(And if any players want to rip off CAGED, key the tune in A and run the D to D6)

Pete Sargeant

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