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Izzi Dunn

Tits & Ass

From the title, this song is not likely to be adopted as the theme song for this year’s Terry Wogan ‘Children In Need’ TV charity fundraiser. More’s the pity….

This release has the full mix plus radio edit, clean radio edit (an oxymoron, really) plus a ‘Burnt Laser Remix’ and is a taster for the second forthcoming album from this artist. This tune features Kaidi Tatham of Bugz In The Attic and is promoted as ‘urban soul meets funk’. This generally raises the question – how much does the idiot rapping spoil everything ? After all, even the mighty Cascada put out a recent single including an assinine hiphop insert by one of these chaps eager to show off his invisible rings. Make yer point without waving yer fingers, you losers ! Thankfully, this doesn’t happen here..

Set against a string-tinged and a jumpy rhythm, Izzi Dunn has a fine soul voice with a touch of Nona Hendryx, working here with a lyric that bemoans those that get on by their looks alone. That’s always been the way, Izzi, the genie is out of the bottle. I do wonder whether we get the media we deserve, but I think it has recently become an amoral steering mechanism that justifies itself. Why else would a talentless lass like Cheryl Tweedy./Cole sell thousands of  downloads when better singers will never have that kind of TV exposure ?

Halfway between Labelle and Massive Attack in mood, this is a worthwhile song and the remix versions don’t ruin it. So there’s a change….

Pete Sargeant

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