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Torben Records

Recorded and engineered by Donald Clark down at Beethoven Studios and mastered by John Davis at Metropolitan, the cover of this single and band composition release has an android panelled head lit from above in a dark space.

The group claims to be influenced by classic sci-fi films, but the greatest relief for your scribe is that on this evidence, Sleepercurve aren’t attempting to be Kraftwerk. In fact they have a rush of energy and touch of vintage Minneapolis/Prince in the synth department. Not my favourite tones ever, but they sure work  here, set against harsh guitar chord stabs. After a few plays the melody gets to you and the plaintive vocal does suit the song.

Nearest reference point for those interested is probably Mansun, whose energy and bursting dissatisfaction made their take on guitar/synth rock both affecting and exciting.

Have Sleepercurve more songs of this quality ? Can they attempt a slower number without sounding like Human League? Well, Fashion managed it with ‘Slow Blue’, so here’s hoping.

One of the best ten singles we have heard in 2009, that much is certain

Pete Sargeant

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