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Geof Banyard

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Images © Geof Banyard

In true FairHearing style we have decided to feature something a little different. Recently FairHearing were seen at a comic/general geek convention when we stumbled across “Fetish Man” Geof Banyard scribbling over a small pad. We asked him to send us his top ten favourite tracks, or “ten tracks that he could survive with on a minimalist mp3 player”

Cartoonist and scientist, creator of the Fetishman comics, contributor to Physics World and the Steampunk magazine, generally rather busy but never too busy for a cup of tea gave us the following:

Mindless Self Indulgence – Never Wanted To Dance
Tim found it and I can’t hear enough of it, a bit punk, a bit industrial, there’s probably a name for the genre but that won’t stop me liking it.

The Damned – New Rose
The first UK punk track, and one of the best nights out I’ve had. I should get out to punk nights but goth nights usually play some Damned and my mates are there.

Alton Ellis & The Flames – Dance Crasher
That good solid old-school Jamaican ska sound. Always reminds me a bit of good old-school trad jazz, which is no bad thing: I usually like my music where the instruments aren’t played so technically but instead leak passion and feeling all over your nice new carpet. Was going to be “Skatalites – Man In The Street” but I was spoiled for choice.

Nine Inch Nails – Perfect Drug
It’s been on my mp3 player for years now, I describe it as running around music as it’s good for getting me off the sofa. Only the original though, the remixes lose the dynamism.

Anton Bruckner – Locus Iste
A delicate choral piece which makes me a) relaxed and b) sing along to the bass. Always makes me a bit emotional, but then I do like me chord changes.

The Beat – Mirror In The Bathroom
Possibly the perfect two-tone ska track: much as I love the Specials and the Selecter and and etc. etc. this is the one I currently can’t get out of my head. Two years ago it was “Message To You Rudy” but I can just about not listen to that permanently on repeat now.

King Prawn – Day In, Day Out
UK ska and punk and dub and good kicking about music

Tommy Dorsey – Sleepy Lagoon
No mp3 player would be complete without some kind of jazz/swing, and Tommy Dorsey is the mellowest of the trombone greats.

Moog – Cup Of Brown Joy
Nope. It’s about tea. Shame on you!

Toasters – I Wasn’t Going To Call You Anyway
I wasn’t sure that I liked ska that much til my German mate Pat introduced me to this US band with the UK front-man. It picks me up from the second the tidy drum intro kicks in and has the best first two lines of almost any song, possibly for the shear effrontery of making the following fit “I left my gig-bag in a cab, it was in Heidelberg West Germany”

You can check out Geof’s work at and

Image © Geof Banyard

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